The Kingdom of Rhoane: Named for the Dwarf Lord Kerad Rhoane who united clans of the mountains, plains, and forest. He founded the kingdom and handed 3 provinces to the governance the previous clan chieftains. Over several centuries, control of the provinces was gradually given over to the leaders of the migrant humans who settled in the kingdom as the dwarves returned to their ancestral mountain halls.

The Province of Arauglor was given to the family Avolyre. The Province of Lurmurk was given to the family Ulfour who lost the seat 85 years ago when Earl Cain Ulfour attempted an attack upon the province of Arauglor. Lurmurk is currently ruled by the family Skellend. The Province of Tyn was the last to be given to the humans. It is governed by the family Rottham, but after a recent failed uprising the Earl has allowed the yeoman of the town of Sunk to sit as his proxy for the wellbeing of the peasantry/serfdom.

Though the royal seat of Rhoane is now held by a human, traditionally the ruler takes the name of the founder, Kerad Rhoane, regardless of their heritage or gender. Many have kept their birth name as well, leading to complicated titles of address. The current ruler, King Harald Coramont Kerad Rhoane is generally well liked by his people.

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