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A quiet dawn in the streets of Morburgh. Morburgh is independent to the Kingdom of Rhoane, acting as the singular point of import from Els Deep. Morburgh is home to the Grand Archives, the great library of Morburgh College. It is said that all worldly knowledge lies within the unread books that line its shelves. The city is heavily enchanted and there is magic everywhere. All the well to do people live within the walls of the city. Guards are keep on checking papers of individuals, issuing visa for non-citizens. Any undesirable people are escorted to the Morburgh Port.

City Council[]

The city is ran by a council of leaders, democratically elected to the council, by the citizens of Morburgh.  

  • G.M. Dark: Human male with a black mohawk. Mayor
  • Bernard Crick: Tall, dark, and pale human man and openly a vampire. Speaker
  • Lord Jacob Baugh: Human female (non-binary), Foreign Liaison
  • Bali Earth-delver: Dwarf male, Internal Liaison
  • Oliver Cornwallis: Sly human male, sometimes seen eating a fresh apple, Treasurer

The Grand Archives[]

One of the largest collections of knowledge in Annwn. Many a sage, clergy, and wizard cut their teeth here. Learning all they can, sometimes dedicating their lives to the smallest aspects of the material world.

The Port of Morburgh[]

The port is separated by a wall that surrounds Morburgh, heavily guarded by enchantments and city guards. The Port is technically independent from the City itself.